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Game Maker is not confusing at the start. It is only confusing if you do not follow the tutorials that come with it (OK, they don't exactly come *with* it, but they exist), they can be found here:

After the first few minutes of using Game Maker, you should be able to get used to the design, it's come a long way from V1.1, which indeed was confusing. Using DnD (Drag and drop), you can create very nice, small games. When you get to higher levels you will nearly always use GML (Game Maker Language). Someone said that if you make changes to your game, you can't load previous save files. This is only true if you used game_save(FILENAME), or used the DnD alternative.

Once you get into file handling, it's easy to make your own save/load script. Once you start making it, it is easy to make "Version Compatibilities", just use file_text_write_real(File,Version) (replace file and version with your file and version of course), then when loading, just go:

var version;


version = file_text_read_real(File); //Replace File with your file!

if version == "1" scr_load_v1; //Replace "1" with the version you want to load!


Game Maker is not large. The interpreted executables are also 2MB at minimum, not 3.5. Desktop computers have hundreds of Gigabytes of memory nowadays, so the games are not large - besides, that' why they invented deleting and emptying the recycle bin.

The only drawback on using Game Maker is that it is interpreted (slow), there is the 2MB base file size and there is a decompiler out there for it - there are, however, countermeasures. When you're done with GM, I'd suggest moving to Python and then C++. Going straight to C++ is confusing :(

Give GM a try, it's being ported to C++ for V8!

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07 Oct 2009

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